As a partner of the European textile recycling industry, Daroli metal produces high quality used clothing collecting containers that comply with the EU standards for product safety and meet all the requirements of the various markets; whether with a particularly large safety flap for the German market or an absolutely safe slide-in system for the French market. Through the highest quality in manufacturing, processing and coating we can guarantee particularly durable containers witch exercise worldwide a big force of attraction. Daroli containers meet the highest expectations of recycling systems. Appealing design, reliable technology, clean overall impression. We build the collecting containers you need, with the shape and texture oriented to your needs.

Our products have the following advantages:

  • Steel sheet and solid rivets used our product ensures good stability;
  • Comprehensive fixed additional water-tight connections and redirect water door frame with additional drain holes to prevent the ingress of moisture;
  • A special underbody protection against corrosion by soil moisture;
  • A painting of adhesive primer and 2-component coating in RAL – Colour creates an extremely durable surface;
  • Electrostatic painting;

Attached you will find the clothes container type Standard:

  • Weather-independent, manufactured from galvanized sheet steel sump ;
  • Solid and sturdy construction;
  • Large, stable removal door with internal hinges;
  • Rotating bearing door lock with integrated security lock;
  • Stable internal locking bolt;
  • Stable construction made of galvanized square tube with feet for cave transport with forklift and pallet truck;
  • Easy-to-push mechanism: virtually maintenance free,  guaranteed A Complete filling with a large working volume;
  • Easy to use BY extended handle;
  • Height / Width / Depth: 2.000 mm × 1.140 mm × 1.140 mm x 1,2 mm;
  • Capacity: up to 300 kg;
  • Trapezoidal or rounded roof;
  • Available in any RAL color

Note : We can also adapt dimensions on customer request.

Conteiners have CE standards certified.