Container CS

Container floor [mm]:1140×1140
Height [mm]: 2000
Sheet metal thickness [mm]: 1mm
Type of lock: PL Handle
Embossed signs (max. 8 signs):
Quantity: 1

Container <CS> of the second generation! The improved model of the container for collection of used clothes and other valuable goods.
Product features
Hinges are installed inside the container to reduce the risk of damage.
Small roofs prevent rain water leaking into the container.
The deposit flap with a mechanism facilitating the container opening.
The container can be transported with a forklift.
The rotary handle enables three point locking.
Comfortable cylindrical handle.
Reinforced profile on the shelf edge of the slot mechanism.

Additional profile reinforcing the door edge.
Surfaces with no rivets to facilitate graphic application.
1.2 mm thick galvanized sheet steel (it is possible to use 1.0 mm or 1.5 mm thick galvanized sheet steel).
Anti-corrosion protection
hot-dip galvanizing or zinc electroplating
Semitrailer: 22 containers.
Truck body: 24 containers.