The cage is used in the storage of textiles and are tiltable and suitable for the following activities:

– for the transport and storage of original goods ( 5 m³, aproximately 1.000 kg originally clothes )
– for storage of non-pressed export clothing (front removable)
– for loading sorting places (foldable front side)
– for the loading of original goods transports (trolley box can be tilted)
– for reusable (quick assembly by folding system plus 14 screw fixing)

The < ITC >cage for storage has the following dimensions :
– Height = 2.150 mm
– With = 2.150 mm
– Depth = 1.180 mm

Color: polioretanic 2 components (professional couting)
Front cage is:
– 1 side goes open
– Weight 170 kg

Our lattice boxes are easy to assemble, can take up to 25 minutes without much instruction.