We are a Romanian company established in 2005. Our business is metal products manufacture. In the last 4 years we specialized in the manufacturing of containers and grid boxes used for collecting and storing of recycled textiles. Our major partners are in Germany, Austria and France and are successfully using our products.

Our systems and recycling bins meet the increasing needs of environmental protection and natural resource conservation.

Because the environment is close to our heart, we spray our containers with a coating paint that is environmentally friendly, an innovative method to refine an upmarket area.

In fact, poliuretanic paints are not only environmentally friendly but also provides – with the pore density, their hard impact surfaces and abrasionresistance, excellent gloss and color – maximum protection against corrosion and durability.

The paints are equally used to pursue satisfying the requirements of sustainability in operation in accordance with ISO 12944 reference standards, NORSOK M-501, to as well as safety requirements and environmental protection in accordance with national and international legislation.

Our products are conform to European norms !